Former Rep. Tom Campbell (R-Calif.) raised $1.63 million in the first quarter of his campaign for California's GOP Senate nomination, according to the Associated Press.

But Campbell has a ways to go before he meets the $7 million fundraising goal he set ahead of the June 8 primary.

Campbell spokesman James Fisfis told the AP the campaign is on track to meet its financial goals. Campbell's competitor for the nomination, former Hewlett-Packard businesswoman Carly Fiorina, had $2.75 million in the bank even before he got into the race in January.

The former congressman was originally running for governor of California, but switched to the Senate race when he couldn't match rival Meg Whitman's self-funding. The former e-Bay CEO has given her gubernatorial campaign $39 million so far.

Fiorina hasn't released her first quarter fundraising numbers, which are due April 15th.

Campbell got some other good news this morning. A new Los Angeles Times poll gave him a slight lead over Fiorina in the Republican Senate primary.