The late John Murtha's name is being thrown around in the Kansas Senate Republican primary.

Reps. Todd Tiahrt and Jerry Moran are currently battling over earmarks and Moran spokesman Dan Consto cited Murtha in an attack on Tiahrt

"It's interesting to see the very people running to replace Todd Tiahrt openly rebuking him and his signature issue: earmarks. As an appropriator, Todd Tiahrt has long championed some of the most egregious wasteful earmarks, including securing $400,000 for indoor tennis courts and voting against removing earmarks for Rep. John Murtha's 'airport for nobody,'" Conston told the Kansas City Star.

Tiahrt's camp fired back with a pointed reference to another famous earmark. "Did Moran also forget about the McPherson Opera House earmark he requested and, without the slightest hesitation, accepts credit for securing? Perhaps Jerry Moran is distorting the truth to keep people from looking at his record of raising taxes," the Tiahrt camp said.