Sen. Bob Bennett (R-Utah) is bringing in one of Utah's favorite sons to help him in his reelection bid.

Mitt Romney will introduce Bennett at the state Republican convention -- the place that could decide Bennett's political future.

Jim Bennett, the senator's son and campaign manager, told the Desert News that Romney will bring excitement to the gathering because "he's the most popular political figure in the state of Utah, so we're glad to have him on our side."

"Nine of 10 voted for him the last presidential primary here," Jim Bennett noted of Romney. "He's been a strong supporter and wants to be as helpful as he can."

Romney, the first serious Mormon presidential candidate, attended Brigham Young University and headed the 2002 Salt Lake City Winter games.

Bennett has been under attack by conservatives in the state and faces a primary challenge from the right. He needs more than 60 percent of the delegates support at the convention in order to avoid a primary and more than 40 percent to avoid being bounced at convention. If he gets between 40 percent and 59 percent, a June 22nd primary would decide the Republican nominee.

It is not the first time Romney has helped Bennett. He attended a fundraiser for him last year.