Maybe Sue Lowden won't have trouble getting through the Nevada GOP Senate primary after all.

One of her top rivals for the nomination, the Tea Party Express-backed Sharron Angle, is being questioned by the Federal Elections Commission about discrepancies in her campaign finance reports, according to KRNV News 4. 

The Reno NBC affiliate obtained a letter the FEC sent the Angle campaign asking for clarification on four different items reported on her fourth quarter fundraising report last year.

From KRNV:

The items ranged from information on her donors to questions regarding whether her debts were paid.

In one section of the report, the campaign filed very different numbers for cash on hand.

The filing says the campaign ended the third quarter of 2009 with $76,000 in cash, but started the next quarter, which began the very next day, with negative $45,000; a $121,000 difference.

There was also a long list of debts that weren't reported, that ranged from $700 to $30,000.

The letter asks the Angle campaign why these debts-listed on one report-were not listed as paid or still outstanding on the following report.

Angle has six more days to respond to the FEC letter.

News 4 contacted the Angle campaign and asked for a response to the letter; a spokesman said all of the issues were just bookkeeping errors, and they would correct the problems before the FEC's deadline.

Meanwhile, the Lowden camp is launching a new TV ad aimed at rebutting the "chickens for checkups" line of attack being used by Sen. Harry Reid (D-Nev.) and GOP rival Danny Tarkanian. In the ad, Lowden calls it a "statement they've taken of context" and says it's time "we pulled the plug on these boys."

The 30-second spot goes up this weekend statewide on cable and broadcast. The Reid campaign didn't wait to challange its claim.

"The hard reality that Sue Lowden's campaign has spiraled out of control -- and that her shot at the GOP nomination is now circling the bowl -- doesn't change the indisputable fact that she said those words, and was, in fact, quoted in context," Reid spokesman Kelly Steele said in a statement.