Florida Gov. Charlie Crist has a new person to run his Senate campaign -- and it's his sister.

Margaret Crist Wood will be his interim campaign manager, Crist told the St. Petersburg Times' editorial board in an interview. He said she has the title "interim" to give her the opportunity to leave if she doesn't like the job.

Crist lost most of his staff when he announced he'd run as an Independent instead of pursuing the Republican nomination.

Those submitting their resignations included campaign manager Eric Eikenberg, campaign chairman former Sen. Connie Mack (R-Fla.) and campaign attorney Benjamin Ginsberg. Crist also lost his Republican polling firm, Public Opinion Strategies.

Asked if he needs a seasoned pro to run his race, Crist told the Times: "No. You know what you need? I’ve learned I've learned this in the last month - Somebody who’s loyal, really, honest, that cares about you, and is smart and tough. My older sister Margaret has always been that."

He also said longtime friends are helping him but he's keeping them anonymous "because I’m trying to protect them. A lot of people in our administration and people who were helpful with the campaign get this refrain in Tallahassee – if you stay with him you’ll never work in this town again. Can you imagine that? Talk about unconscionable?"