Rendell, a Democrat supporint the Republican-turned-Democrat Specter, was careful when asked to predict the outcome of his state's closely contested Senate primary race.

"It's a very close race and Arlen needs a good turnout from the southeast, and particularly from the city of Philadelphia," Rendell said in response to a question about whether he'd "guarantee" that Specter would defeat Democratic Rep. Joe Sestak (D-Pa.).

Polls generally show Specter locked in a statistical tie with Sestak, despite the support the incumbent senators has from the Whtie House.

One of the central themes of Sestak's campaign has been that Specter, a long-time Republican senator, is not a "true Democrat."

But Rendell suggested Sestak would be a better Democrat if he hadn't challenged Specter.

"Joe's been saying all along, 'I'm the real Democrat,'" Rendell said. "Well Joe, Democrats support Democrats against someone like [presumed Republican nominee, former Rep.] Pat Toomey. I think Joe lost a lot of credibility when he said he wouldn't necessarily support Arlen.

"It seems to me that Arlen Specter is the better Democrat, because he said he would support Joe Sestak," he added.

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