Former World Wrestling Entertainment CEO Linda McMahon secured the Connecticut GOP's endorsement for Senate Friday.

A political outsider McMahon entered the race as a challenger to presumed front-runner, former Rep. Rob Simmons (R).

The candidates are vying to face presumed Democratic nominee, state Attorney General Richard Blumenthal, who has recently has been under fire for misstating his service record during the Vietnam War.

“We are incredibly pleased with the growing momentum behind this campaign and the better-than-expected show of support we received from Republican leaders and activists around the state," McMahon said in a statement. "Elections are about contrast, and Connecticut Republicans today sent a clear and resounding message that they intend to challenge the Washington establishment and its hand-picked candidate with a political outsider."

McMahon's victory at the convention is somewhat surprising, considering Simmons entered the race as the establishment favorite.

But McMahon has countered with her considerable war chest, she has given millions to her campaign.

Simmons, who qualified for the primary ballot, congratulated McMahon but said he is staying in the race to win.

"There is much time left in this campaign," he said. "I have sufficient funds to make a compelling case to voters before the primary, and that is what is expected by my supporters, many of whom have already asked me to remain in this race regardless of outcome."