Senate races

Senate races

Union super-PAC runs Web ads framing George Allen as a racist

Workers' Voice, a super-PAC backed by the AFL-CIO, is running Web ads targeted at minority voters that accuse former Sen. George Allen (R-Va.) of racism.

The ads invoke four of Allen's past controversies: his now-infamous "macaca moment" in which he used a racial slur against a South Asian Democrat who was recording a campaign event, his vote against recognizing Martin Luther King Day and reports that he kept a noose in his office and hung a Confederate flag in his living room.

None of these issues is new, and the group is clearly trying to rekindle the discussion over Allen's past. Allen has profusely apologized time and again for the "macaca" incident and has discussed the other issues at length, both during his failed 2006 reelection campaign and this year.

Allen's campaign fired back against the ads.