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DCCC shuffles TV reservations

The Democratic Congression Campaign Committee is shuffling a number of ad buys in the coming weeks, amounting to an additional $1.2 million in spending in six competitive districts and cancellations in eight districts where races may be tilting in favor of the Republican candidate.


OVERNIGHT CAMPAIGN: Debate countdown

TOP STORY: Waiting for Wednesday

President Obama
and Mitt Romney are deep in debate prep ahead of their first showdown in Denver on Wednesday night.

Both candidates are laying low Tuesday while their surrogates hit the campaign trail (see schedule below).

The Hill’s Amie Parnes and Justin Sink look at how neither Romney nor Obama likes to be challenged. And at their first debate on Wednesday — when tens of millions of voters will tune in to see the candidates clash — each of them will have to do their best to keep calm despite the other’s best efforts.
For the front-running Obama, that means not being thrown off balance by what GOP aides promise will be a vigorous and enthusiastic attack by Romney on the president’s economic and foreign policy record, and keeping his cool while under attack by a candidate he is said to disdain.
For Romney, it means delivering a strong debate performance that will shift the momentum of the race. Romney generally performed well during this year’s 20 GOP primary debates, but he sometimes struggled when he felt he was being targeted unfairly.