President Obama says UConn basketball star Stefanie Dolson has lived up to her end of the bargain for the two of them to hold a "dance off," and so will he.

On Monday, Obama said that he "did not forget" he told the center at a 2013 national championship ceremony that if Connecticut repeated the next year, he'd accept her dare of a dance competition, though the public might never see it.

"It's going to happen… don't think you're going to beat me on that," the president told Dolson in a White House ceremony for the back-to-back champion Huskies.

He joked that he appreciated that Dolson, who was selected in the first round of the WNBA draft by the Washington Mystics, "told the world" about the bet. But Obama said that because he had two teenage daughters, "for their sake, I will not be dancing too much when the cameras are around."

Shortly after Connecticut defeated Notre Dame to secure an undefeated season and their second consecutive national title, Dolson vowed to make him pay up.

“President Obama, we’re back. Secondly, he’d better get his dance moves on point,” Dolson told ESPN.

Dolson drew attention again at the end of the ceremony, when, while posing for a picture, she accidentally fell off a riser. She was fine, but appeared to earn some out-of-earshot ribbing from her future foe on the dance floor.

The Huskies' women's team was honored alongside the men's basketball team, which also won the NCAA basketball tournament. It was the second time they met President Obama, following a 2011 championship.

"As president, one of my goals has been to eliminate waste and cut out duplicative programs… but this might be carrying things too far," Obama quipped.