A majority of adults disapprove of the job their own member of Congress is doing for the first time in the history of Washington Post/ABC News polling. 

The poll found 51 percent of adults disapprove of their representative, the highest since the question was first asked in this poll in 1989. Just 41 percent approve. 

Voters tend to dislike their own member of Congress less than they disapprove of Congress as a whole. A Gallup poll last month put Congress's overall approval rating at 15 percent. 

Disapproval of Congress is even higher than it was in 2010, when midterm elections turned out incumbent Democrats and gave the GOP a gain of 63 House seats. That year, disapproval of one's own member of Congress was 11 points lower, at 40 percent.

Democrats have a favorability edge, with the Post/ABC poll finding 49 percent of those polled have a favorable view of the Democratic Party, compared to 35 percent for Republicans. 

The enthusiasm gap breaks the other way, though. A Pew poll last month found 45 percent of Republican supporters are more enthusiastic about voting than in previous midterms, compared to 37 percent of Democratic supporters.