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The mother of Michael Brown said Monday that justice would only be served when the Ferguson, Mo., police officer who killed her son is arrested. 

Lesley McSpadden told "Good Morning America" that "being fair" and arresting officer Darren Wilson for the shooting of her 18-year-old son would help calm the protests that have roiled the St. Louis suburb for the past week.  

"Arresting this man and making him accountable for his actions," she replied when asked what justice would look like to her. 

Her interview came hours after the family released an independent autopsy showing Brown was shot at least six times by Wilson, including twice in the head. 

St. Louis County and the FBI are running parallel investigations into the shooting on Aug. 9, of which witnesses and police have given conflicting accounts. 

On Friday, Ferguson Police released Wilson's name, as well as evidence that showed Brown was involved in a "strong-arm robbery" of inexpensive cigars from a convenience store about 10 minutes before the shooting. 

Police later said the robbery had nothing to do with the officer's initial stop of Brown, which led to the shooting. 

"I fell like it has nothing to do with what he did to my child," McSpadden said about the robbery footage. 

The family and other lawmakers in the state have said the release of the video seemed aimed at smearing Brown’s name. 

McSpadden said she had a conversation with Ron Johnson, the captain who is leading the Missouri Highway Patrol effort in charge of security. She said he apologized and is praying that something similar does not happen again.