NYC welcomes refugees blocked by Texas
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New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio says he's opening his city’s doors to Syrian refugee families after Texas sued the federal government to block their settlement.

“Three families seeking refuge from their warn-torn home in Syria have arrived in NYC,” de Blasio said in a statement on Friday.

The mayor said he believed it would only be temporary and scolded Texas for not letting the refugees into the state.

“Though we anticipate New York City will only be a temporary home for these families while the state of Texas pursues a baseless attempt to resist their resettlement in the state, we welcome them with open arms to the city of immigrants,” he said.

Texas on Wednesday said it would sue the federal government over plans to bring two families fleeing Syria into the state.

However, the state backed off of its efforts on Friday, allowing a small number of migrants to enter.

De Blasio encouraged the rest of the nation to follow New York City’s lead on the refugee crisis.

“The United States has a long-standing tradition of welcoming refugees, and this Administration is committed to preserving that tradition, consistent with the values that have endured through generations,” he said in the statement.

“Our nation can welcome refugees desperately seeking safety and ensure our national security,” he added. “We can and must do both.”

The Obama administration's plans to resettle Syrian refugees fleeing that country's civil war have sparked controversy following the Paris terror attacks.

At least one assailant in the attacks, which killed 130 people, is suspected of entering the country while posing as a refugee.

The House before the Thanksgiving break voted to halt the resettlement of Syrian refugees until the administration can provide more assurances as to their safety. But that measure is unlikely to pass in the Senate where Democrats are vowing to reject it.

Lawmakers are expected to instead approve legislation that would tighten a visa program for visitors from certain countries.