Bush: Trump 'a creature of Barack Obama'

GOP presidential candidate Jeb Bush says President Obama’s divisive tenure in office is to blame for the ascendence of Republican primary front-runner Donald TrumpDonald TrumpTrump's Hollywood Walk of Fame star defaced Report: Senate's Russia probe understaffed Trump won't comment on Le Pen's advancement in French election MORE.

“I would argue that Donald Trump is in fact a creature of Barack ObamaBarack ObamaTrump will ramp up action on executive orders this week: reports French election: Le Pen, Macron will face off Congress must delay ObamaCare's health insurance tax immediately MORE,” the former Florida governor said in an interview broadcast Thursday on NPR’s “Morning Edition.” “But for Barack Obama, Donald Trump’s effect would not be nearly as strong as it is.”

“We’re living in a divided country right now, and we need political leaders, rather than continuing to divide as both President Obama and Donald Trump, to unite us,” he added.

Bush also said when the time comes to cast ballots, GOP voters will not support Trump’s plan to halt Muslim immigration to the country.

“In a month from now [those voters] won’t [agree with him],” he said. “That’s the point. The point is that we’re living in this reality TV political environment where [Trump] fills the space by saying outrageous things.”

Bush said Trump’s plan, attacked on grounds ranging from the constitutional to the humanitarian, would fall apart under scrutiny.

“People, based on their emotions, will express support for the sentiment, not necessarily the specifics, because there are none, and then he’ll backtrack,” he added.

Bush said banning Muslim immigrants to the country would be “counterproductive in our efforts to destroy” the Islamic State in Iraq and Syria.

“I mean, it’s beyond ridiculous. It’s quite dangerous,” he said.