NYPD counterterrorism chief: Apple is helping 'kidnappers, robbers and murderers'
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The head of NYPD's head of intelligence and counterterrorism blasted Apple on Sunday, saying that its refusal to create back doors in iPhones is aiding "kidnappers, robbers and murderers."
In a radio interview with John Catsimatidis, NYPD Deputy Commissioner John Miller said the company had advertised a previous operating system as safe from hackers yet accessible to law enforcement.

"I still don't know what made them change their minds and decide to actually design a system that made them not able to aid the police," he said. 

"Because, de facto, then you are actually providing aid to the kidnappers, robbers and murderers who have actually been recorded on the telephones in Riker's Island telling their compatriots on the outside, 'You gotta get iOS 8, it's a gift from God,' because the cops can't crack it."
Law enforcement agencies around the country have decried Apple's efforts, saying that iPhones have effectively become warrant proof.
"Right now Cy Vance, the Manhattan district attorney, has 175 iPhones stacked up in his office that are subject to search warrants, issued by judges, involved in crimes. Now, behind every search warrant there's a crime, behind every crime is a victim," he said.
Apple has defended its refusal to unlock its devices by saying that doing so would make them vulnerable to hackers and thieves.