The Australian foreign minister shot back at President Trump’s comments on French first lady Brigitte Macron's appearance, asking if Macron could make the same comment about Trump.

"I wonder if she could say the same of him?" Australian Foreign Minister Julie Bishop asked during an Australian Broadcasting Corporation interview on Sunday.

Trump commented on Macron’s physical appearance when the two met in France last week, telling her, “You’re in such good shape.”

"I'd be taken aback, I think. It's a rather interesting comment to make," Bishop said about the Trump's words.

Trump has come under fire for his comments about Macron’s appearance. The sports brand Reebok mocked the president with a chart that showed situations when “it is appropriate to say 'you’re in such good shape…beautiful.'”

“Are you a world leader greeting the spouse of a head of state?” was listed as one of the times when it wasn’t appropriate to use the phrase.