MSNBC's Lawrence O'Donnell berates staff in leaked footage
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Outtakes of MSNBC host Lawrence O'Donnell berating members of his crew between takes have surfaced online.

The video, published by Mediaite on Wednesday, compiles clips apparently taken of O'Donnell during the filming of an Aug. 29 episode of his show "The Last Word With Lawrence O'Donnell."


In the eight-minute video, O'Donnell screams at the crew about malfunctions in his earpiece and distracting noises coming from inside the control room. 

“What’s going on, why am I losing this, why don’t I have sound,” he says, his voice rising. “Who’s asking for a Labor Day rundown in my ear?”

"Someone in that control room is out of control," he says later. 

At one point, O'Donnell angrily slams his fist on the desk before settling down to film a segment on President Trump's visit to Texas in the aftermath of Hurricane Harvey. 

The host continues to complain about people talking into his earpiece in between segments. "Every time we go to a stop there's a woman talking in my ear about something that has nothing to do with what we're doing here," he says. 

At a later point in the video, O'Donnell shouts, "Stop the hammering!"

"I'll go down to the goddamned floor myself and stop it. Keep the goddamned commercial break going. Call f---ing [MSNBC President] Phil Griffin, I don't care who the f--- you have to call. Stop the hammering. Empty out the goddamned control room and find out what's going on," he says, apparently referring to the sound of a hammer coming from another floor.  

"F---ing out of control shit," he says, angrily crumpling up a piece of paper on the desk.  

"It just f---ing sucks, it f---ing sucks to be out here with this out-of-control shit. Any f---ing thing can come into my ear, at any moment. That's what I know," he said on the set.