Why Barbour's civil rights remarks may not kill a White House run
The Mississippi governor's comments could be mitigated by a variety of external political factors, Justin Miller writes at The Atlantic.

Are Obama's job approval numbers bouncing back?
Jay Cost of the Weekly Standard says probably not, the polls are most likely an aberration.

Larry David: A sarcastic 'thanks' for the tax-cut
The comedian famous for "Seinfeld" and "Curb Your Enthusiasm" lampooned President Obama's tax deal, Ted Johnson notes at Wilshire and Washington.

Census numbers help GOP in electoral college: Texas gains four seats
We'll have to wait on how the newly apportioned congressional districts play out, but the population data will help the GOP in the 2012 presidential race, Eric Kleefeld writes at TPMDC.


Census data offers GOP chance to solidify hold on House
The data shows population growth in southern and western states that are traditional Republican strongholds, our Shane D'Aprile writes.

Arms treaty appears to have votes to pass Senate
The upper chamber voted Tuesday to advance the legislation with 67 votes, basically assuring ratification Wednesday, Peter Baker writes in the New York Times.

Government funding bill clears Senate
The House must pass the stopgap measure to fund the federal government through March 4, Felicia Sonmez reports at the Washington Post

FCC adopts Internet rules
The provisions would give the government permission to regulate online traffic for the first time, though some elements remain unclear, Amy Schatz writes in the Wall Street Journal.