The latest Huntsman 2012 news

News broke early Monday morning that China ambassador Jon Huntsman planned to resign sparking speculation that he plans to run for president in 2012. The Atlantic's James Fallows doesn't think Huntsman will run

Why American news networks stink

Over at Outside the Beltway James Joyner makes the case that the major American news networks need to be better. 

U.S. should stand with the Egyptian people

Cato at Liberty's Malou Innocent says the U.S. government should pick a side on the Egyptian riots. 

Ron Paul: Ron Paul in 2012?

E.G. of The Economist's Democracy in America blog weighs Rep. Ron Paul's chances if he decided to run for president. 


White House walks line as Egypt protests rage

The Hill's Sam Youngman and Alexander Bolton report on the thin line the Obama administration is trying to walk on Egypt. 

Second judge strikes down Dems' healthcare law as unconstitutional

A federal judge in Florida ruled that the Obama administration's healthcare reform law is unconstitutional Monday. Read the story by The Hill's Jason Millman.