Regardling the endless drama that is CPAC
The Corner's Kathryn Jean Lopez is optimistic that Al Cardenas could help shepherd the American Conservative Union and its CPAC conference past its current controversies.

Fred Upton, linguist
The New Republic's Jonathan Chait attempts to parse through House Energy and Commerce Committee Chiarman Fred Upton's (R-Mich.) jargon in a recent speech.

Unbiasing academia
The Atlantic's Megan McArdle looks at the different biases in academia, and wonders how each side might manage to fight through them.


Obama to host Boehner, GOP leaders for lunch
President Obama will lunch on Wednesday with the top three Republicans in the House. The Hill's Sam Youngman has the details.

Feds: No electronic link to runaway Toyotas
The federal government cleared electronics from blame for the unintended accelerations that plagued Toyotas and prompted a recall, the Detroit News reports.

Obama budget proposes broader unemployment taxes
The White House budget is expected to give states leeway to collect taxes to fund unemployment insurance, the Wall Street Journal reports.