What Romney & The Cleveland Indians Have in Common

The AmSpecBlog compares Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney to the Cleveland Indians baseball team.

Harold Koh Speaks Up For Judicial Nominee Goodwin Liu
The LegalTimes' blog reports that Koh, a lawyer for the State Department, spoke on the difficulty of the nomination and Senate confirmation process.

Barbour Tells Republicans Not to Obsess Over ‘Perfect Candidate’
Mississippi Gov. Haley Barbour talks about the candidates for the Republican presidential nomination at the Republican Leadership Conference in New Orleans, says "there are likely to be other candidates," reports The Caucus.

The Ridiculous American Exceptionalism Debate
Talking Points Memo criticizes the Republican candidates for their characterization of President Obama.

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Administration unveils new healthcare law waiver process

The Obama administration is changing the way they approve waivers to the healthcare reform law, reports Julian Pecquet for The Hill.

Obama's 'Recovery Summer' still a work in progress
Friday marked the one-year anniversary of the Obama administration's "Recovery Summer"; USA Today takes a look at the progress.