Huntsman for subsidies before he was against them?

Questions about newly official Republican presidential candidate Jon Huntsman's position on natural gas and subsidies at Hot Air.

Reflections of Obama in Huntsman message
A compare-and-contrast of President Obama's and Huntsman's qualities as candidates based on personality rather than policy at Post Partisan.

Huntsman draws response from Obama campaign
The Huntsman campaign announcement is the first time the White House has responded to a candidate entering the Republican field, notes Hotline On Call.


Huntsman launches bid for White House, attacks 'corrosive' politics

The Hill's Michael O'Brien reports on the official of launch of Huntsman's presidential campaign.

Top Gingrich fundraisers leave campaign
In another possible indication of campaign trouble, Republican presidential candidate Newt Gingrich's finance team left the campaign on Monday, reports Jordan Fabian at The Hill.

Sarah Palin and Michelle Bachmann favored (by liberals) for GOP presidential nomination
Palin and Bachmann were favored as preferred Republican presidential candidate in a straw poll at the liberal Netroots Nation conference, which means "liberals have the least fear of either woman," according to the Los Angeles Times