Cantor: Disaster damage costs should be offset with cuts

Talking Points Memo presses Cantor’s office on hurricane damage costs as the East Coast braces for Irene

Does Google discriminate?

NewsBusters questions why the search engine giant doesn’t offer churches the same discounts it provides nonprofits

Rep. Chabot has police confiscate protesters’ cameras
Cameras from two Democratic activists were seized at the Republican congressman’s town-hall meeting Monday in Cincinnati, Chris Bowers at the Daily Kos reports

Marshall accidentally includes part of internal memo in public statement
Hot Air finds the Democratic candidate in Nevada’s special election accidentally included embarrassing campaign strategy in a statement released to the press


Washington prepares for Hurricane Irene
D.C. braces for what might be its second natural disaster in less than a week, The Hill’s Debbie Siegelbaum reports

AFL-CIO president: Labor, Dems on rocky ground

Labor boss Richard Trumka says Democrats need to dig in on behalf of union workers, The Hill’s Kevin Bogardus reports