Rick Perry and the privatization of Texas government

Rolling Stone’s Matt Taibbi takes issue with Perry’s push to disassemble government by bringing in the private sector

Why the Herman Cain bubble might never pop
John Dickerson at Slate says the Republican front-runner is no longer flavor of the week — he’s a regular menu item 

Walker pushes for guns to be allowed in Wisconsin Capitol
ThinkProgress finds irony
in a plan to allow guns into a building where cameras are banned

Economic mobility in America vs. Europe
Daniel Foster at The Corner continues his defense of American opportunity as superior, pointing to data that show government as inefficient in redistributing wealth

Boehner tells Dems it’s time ‘to get serious’

The House Speaker said a Democratic grand bargain was unreasonable for including $1.3 trillion in new taxes, The Hill’s Russell Berman reports

Pentagon official under investigation resigns

The Defense Department said Clifford Stanley, accused of cronyism and extravagant spending, has submitted his resignation, The Hill’s John T. Bennett reports