The Tea Party could crash GOP’s 2012 chances
David Frum at CNN warns conservatives against wasting a winnable election by failing to nominate a moderate.

The GOP war on judges
Conservative presidential candidates are misguided in their attacks on the judiciary, according to the Los Angeles Times editorial board.

Protestors should declare victory and go home
Froma Harrop at The Providence Journal
says protestors should move on from the “occupy” stage of the protests.

Allegations won’t doom Cain
Cain’s policies will sink him, not the sexual harassment allegations, says Joe Klein at Time.


Senate GOP rips media for Cain coverage
Alexander Bolton at The Hill
details what Senate Republicans are calling a double-standard in media coverage of the Herman Cain sexual harassment allegations.

Perry wasn’t drunk at speech
The video went viral, but that was just Rick Perry unleashed. Cameron Joseph at The Hill reports that the GOP candidate was stone-cold sober for the infamous New Hampshire speech.