The Obama-Romney fight begins on Twitter
An exchange between top advisers for Mitt Romney and President Obama just before a Monday night Republican presidential debate was a preview of the possible debate in the general election, writes Jonathan Chait at New York magazine's Daily Intel blog.

Perry talks crazy about Turkey, but is par for GOP course
In response to a question posed to Rick Perry at Monday's debate, Juan Cole, professor of Middle East studies at the University of Michigan, writes that the premise was based on propaganda and not fact. Read it at Cole's Informed Comment blog

What high school is worth on the free market
At The Economist's Democracy in America blog, M.S. responds to Kevin Drum's assertion that college tuition costs are "driven by the very large value of lifetime earnings gains derived from a college degree." 

Romney flubs 'peace through strength' (again)
Mitt Romney doesn't quite understand what "peace through strength" actually means, writes Daniel Larison at his blog Eunomia at The American Conservative.


Romney disclosure reignites debate over carried interest tax
Discussion over whether Mitt Romney should release his tax returns has resurrected a debate about carried interest, reports Peter Lattman for Dealbook

Jeffrey Zients named acting White House budget director
Jeffrey Zients was named the acting director of the Office of Management and Budget, succeeding Jack Lew, the new White House chief of staff, reports The Hill's Erik Wasson.