Rand Paul gets a pat-down that's been coming to him
Esquire's Chuck Pierce hopes there won't be any hysterics over Sen. Rand Paul's (R-Ky.) detainment at an airport in Nashville, Tennessee.

Calling Mitch Daniels
Ross Douthat argues at his New York Times blog that, all along, Bill Kristol was right about the need for another high profile Republican to jump into the presidential field. 

Don't be stupid, it's not about the money
American's don't actually seem to be saying they have a problem with Mitt Romney being rich, argues Talking Points Memo's Josh Marshall

Romney adviser: Gingrich 'tarred and feathered'
One of Mitt Romney's top advisers says the former Massachusetts governor won't "pull punches" at Monday's Republican presidential debate, according to National Review's Robert Costa


Sen. Rand Paul: TSA pat-downs represent disservice to liberty
Sen. Paul called TSA pat-downs a "disservice to our liberty," reports The Hill's Keith Liang

GOP Sen. Mark Kirk suffers stroke
Sen. Mark Kirk (R-Ill.) underwent surgery on Monday to relieve brain swelling after he suffered a stroke over the weekend. One of Kirk's doctors said he might not fully regain motor control for the left side of his body, according to The Hill's Daniel Strauss.