How bad was Newt last night?
So bad his spokesman couldn't explain it, suggests Taegan Goddard's Political Wire.

Jeb to Newt: Stop the ‘ridiculous’ Crist talk
Former Florida Gov. Jeb Bush warned Newt Gingrich against talking up a Romney-led "conspiracy," Robert Costa writes at The Corner.

A scalpel, not a hatchet
Fred Kaplan at Slate says President Obama isn't cutting enough at the Pentagon.

The political consequences of a drones-first policy
Joshua Foust criticizes the U.S. drone reliance at The Atlantic.


Romney packed debate hall with supporters, Gingrich aide says
Newt Gingrich's campaign objected to the crowd's support of Mitt Romney at Thursday's GOP debate, Jon Ward reports for Huffington Post.

Park Police to enforce no-camping rule at Occupy DC sites
The National Park Service plans to kick protesters out of two DC locations beginning Monday, Jonathan Easley reports for The Hill.

-Josh Fatzick contributed to this post.