Wonkbook: Robert Kagan, Obama's favorite Romney adviser
Ezra Klein writes at Wonkblog that President Obama is a "fan" of one of Mitt Romney's advisers.

Will Weatherford: The Florida legislature has NOT targeted Allen West
Florida's Republican legislature protests that it is not trying to redistrict Rep. Allen West (R-Fla.) out of existence, at The Right Scoop.

Ron Paul's appealing to Mormons
Ron Paul's campaign has been quick to notice his support among Latter Day Saints, Lauren Fox writes at Washington Whispers.

Occupiers stay put as cops start enforcing camping ban
The National Park Service let the deadline pass for Occupy DC to clear McPherson Square on Monday, Aubrey Whelan writes at Capital Land.


Candidates look beyond Florida

Justin Sink reports for The Hill on the next battle for the GOP presidential candidates.

Napolitano promises more efficient, ‘information-driven’ national security
Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano described her department's 2012 strategy for more information and more efficiency, Alicia M. Cohn reports for The Hill.