The brokered convention fantasy

Salon's Steve Kornacki in the War Room says that despite Santorum's big week, political junkies' dreams of a brokered convention are unrealistic.

Don't trust the delegate counts
Smart Politics looks at the delegate counts of eight news organizations — including The Hill — and finds that none of the delegate estimates match one another, underscoring the unpredictable nature of the early primaries.

Tripping point in the contraceptives compromise

Wonkblog's Sarah Kliff points out that despite a seeming win-win, someone will have to pay for free access to birth control for the employees of religious organizations.

Interpol aids Saudi Arabia in arresting journalist

The Guardian reports on charges the international police cooperation abused its authority in aiding Saudi Arabia in arresting a journalist who tweeted an insult of the Prophet Muhammad.


Obama shifts on birth control mandate
The Hill's Amie Parnes rounds up all the news and reaction surrounding the president's decision to shift a mandate to provide free contraception from employers to insurance companies.

Romney makes his case to conservatives

The former governor argued that he was "severely conservative" in one of the nation's most liberal states to activists at Friday's CPAC convention, The Hill's Cameron Joseph says.