Senator Scott Brown vs NOAA
At Redstate, Repair Man Jack praises Sen. Scott Brown (R-Mass.) for going after the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration. 

Austerity pays off?
Walter Russell Mead hails a report in The Wall Street Journal saying the United Kingdom's government is "smaller than expected" as a ray of light.  

The White House Google+ hangout: Vapid or valuable
Scott H. Payne of The League of Ordinary Gentlemen wonders whether a recent Google+ Hangout held by President Obama was fluff or not.

Is Rick Santorum a pagan?
It might be more appropriate to call Rick Santorum a pagan, argues Jonathan Zasloff at The Washington Monthly's Ten Miles Square blog.


Hillary Clinton is now secretary of job creation
Hillary Clinton coined the term "jobs diplomacy," reports Michelle Hirsch of The Financial Times.

Obama to speak at AIPAC conference
President Obama is speaking at the yearly American Israel Public Affairs Committee conference in March, according to The Hill's Jeremy Herb and Amie Parnes.