Admit it, American colleges do indoctrinate students
Conor Friedersdorf writes at The Atlantic that "a lot of Americans, including President Obama, regard that as a good thing."

Santorum: Boo-hooing about the press
Jennifer Rubin at Right Turn says Rick Santorum is showing signs of increased stress.

Warren Buffett versus Chris Christie and the `just shut up’ caucus
Greg Sargent writes at The Plum Line that New Jersey Chris Christie and others are "playing on phony notions of liberal elitism and hypocrisy" by suggesting people like Warren Buffett send in a check to cover the deficit.

Wisconsin governor will not challenge recall petitions
Monica Davey writes at The Caucus that Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker will not challenge the effort to remove him from office, despite calling it "frivolous" and a waste of government funds.


Obama swipes at Santorum, says college not a 'partisan' issue

Amie Parnes reports for The Hill on President Obama's response to Rick Santorum calling him a "snob" over education policy.

Conservative women opposed to birth-control mandate push to reframe debate
Conservative women are pushing back on arguments that the recent contraception controversy constituted an "attack on women," Sam Baker reports for The Hill.