GOP voters wary of field

The Fix's Chris Cillizza and Aaron Blake say exit polling shows tepid support for both Mitt Romney and Rick Santorum among the GOP electorate.

Gambling to survive
States are increasingly turning to legal betting to bridge gaps in funding, Salon's Daniel Denver reports.

Romney's argument: Hire me
National Review's Rich Lowry says the best way for Mitt Romney to connect with voters is by projecting confidence — not pandering.

The missing Romney quotes

The New Yorker's Ryan Lizza lists some of the less flattering quotes omitted from articles circulated by the Romney campaign.


Obama heralds jobs report

The president says jobs growth is evidence of a manufacturing resurgence at a rally in Richmond, Va., The Hill's Jonathan Easley reports.

Santorum: GOP race shrinking

Former senator says the race is down to just him and Romney after Super Tuesday, The Hill's Daniel Strauss reports.