The Obama poll drop mystery: Explained!
Recent polling reinforces the likelihood that a noteworthy portion of the American electorate has "turned sour on Obama over the last few days," writes Jonathan Chait at New York magazine

Obama’s poll troubles suggest his 2012 strategy is backfiring
The recent polling shows that Obama's undeniably in trouble, writes Commentary's John Podhoretz.

How not to cover academic research: Obamacare edition
Seth Masket responds to some recent coverage of a white paper on healthcare he co-wrote with a number of other academics. 

What does Mitt Romney really think?
At Ricochet, Paul A. Rahe asks what Mitt Romney really thinks of the Obama administration's healthcare reform law. 


Turner enters GOP race to challenge Sen. Gillibrand
Rep. Bob Turner (R-N.Y.) is challenging Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand (D-N.Y.) and, while he's the highest profile challenger to step into the race, he's still an "underdog," writes Andrew Grossman at The Wall Street Journal

Low turnout and thunderstorms increase uncertainty in Miss., Ala.
Low turnout and bad weather characterized the last few hours ahead of polls opening in Mississippi and Alabama, reports The Hill's Justin Sink.