Why Rick Santorum and David Axelrod agree about Mitt Romney
Rick Santorum is reaching for the Obama campaign’s playbook, John Dickerson writes at Slate. 

President Obama’s NCAA Bracket in 98th percentile
Mary Bruce says Obama is not doing too bad in his NCAA bracket at The Note.

Four important truths about Mike Daisey’s lies and the way ‘This American Life’ told them
Craig Silverman at Poynter analyzes the popular radio show's retraction of a program about Apple.

The politics of ‘Obamacareapolooza’
Ezra Klein writes at Wonkblog that the next two weeks will be busy for opposition to the Affordable Care Act.


Pentagon invests heavily in new arsenal of cyberweapons
The Defense Department is pouring roughly $3.4 billion into cyberwarfare accounts, Carlo Munoz reports for The Hill.

Apple says $60B will remain overseas until US tax law is changed
Apple made an aggressive pitch for a corporate tax holiday Monday, Brendan Sasso and Bernie Becker report for The Hill.