Something 'weird and disturbing' in the Supreme Court

Daily Intel's Jonathan Chait says the week of hearings on the health care induced 'a kind of vertigo among legal analysts'

Political operatives are the new heros of political campaigns

Slate's Bryan Curtis looks at how campaign operatives have surpassed politicians as the stars of modern campaigns

Progress in the injustice system
National Review's Conrad Black says the Supreme Court's move to guarantee effective counsel in plea-bargain negotiations was a step forward, but underscores glaring systematic issues

Wisconsin is Santorum's last stand
First Read's delegate math shows the former Senator needs a win in the Badger State to prevent Romney from securing the necessary delegates before the convention


Congress approves three month highway bill

The measure is the ninth short-term continuance since 2009, The Hill's Pete Kasperowicz and Keith Laing report

White House pleased with solicitor general
Press Secretary Jay Carney said the president was "pleased" with Verilli's oft-criticized presentation before the court, The Hill's Amie Parnes reports