Warren vs. Brown: Battle of the supervillains!
In Massachusetts, Elizabeth Warren's Democratic campaign for Senate "did a mean thing" to Sen. Scott Brown's (R-Mass.) campaign, writes Charles Pierce at Esquire

Life is not fair
Do Americans really stay up at night worrying about whether Warren Buffett's secretary is taxed at a higher rate than the billionaire? Geoffrey Norman wonders at The Weekly Standard Blog

DOJ antitrust suit alleges Apple and E-Book publishers fixed prices
The Justice Department filed an anti-trust lawsuit against Apple and a number of publishers concerning e-book price fixing, according to Rob Stigile at the Blog of the Legal Times

The ACA and judicial activism
The argument the challengers to the Obama administration's healthcare law could only result in overturning the law if the Supreme Court engaged in an "extraordinary" level of judicial activism, Scott Lemieux at Lawyers, Guns, and Money writes.


Romney's campaign stumbles in effort to court female voters
Mitt Romney's presidential campaign stumbled over an opportunity to attract female voters, according to The Hill's Josh Lederman.

Winners and losers of Romney’s Republican primary triumph
The Hill's Bob Cusack lists the winners and losers of Mitt Romney essentially clinching the Republican presidential nomination after Rick Santorum dropped out. Read it here.