Ann Romney and working moms
Hilary Rosen drove Thursday’s news cycle, and she defended her remarks in an editorial at The Huffington Post.

The liberal war on conservative women
Michelle Malkin writes that Hilary Rosen’s remarks are endemic of a larger liberal war against conservative women.

Obama’s “Buffett Rule” is a ruse
Dana Milbank at The Washington Post says the Obama administration’s “Buffett Rule” is nothing but a cheap political ploy.

A Rob Portman primer
Robert Costa at The National Review takes a look at the man many believe will be Mitt Romney’s running mate.


Rosen controversy a boost to the Romney campaign
Cameron Joseph at The Hill reports on the Romney campaign’s jolt of momentum from the Hilary Rosen controversy.

No need for a “beer summit”
Hilary Rosen reiterated her apology to Ann Romney about her earlier remarks, but continued to hit Mitt Romney's economic message, reports Jonathan Easley at The Hill.