Romney was born privileged and advantaged
Michael Kinsley at the Los Angeles Times says Romney is taking credit for aspects of his personal success that he had no control over.

Youth vote receding for Obama
Molly Ball at The Atlantic says the president shouldn’t count on the same support from young voters that he had in 2008.

Obama campaign shifts from hope to hardball
Obama will not run a civil campaign this go-'round, writes Noam Schreiber at The New Republic.

The Republican DREAM Act is in trouble
Steve Benen at The Maddow Blog writes that Latinos won’t rally to Republicans based on the Marco Rubio-backed legislation.


Obama campaign has a 10-to-1 money advantage over Romney
Josh Lederman at The Hill reports on the growing fiscal divide between the two campaigns.

As unemployment drops in swing states, Obama gains
Unemployment rates in some key battleground states are on the decline, while Obama’s poll numbers are on the rise, reports Jonathan Easley at The Hill.