Why Romney could be a transformational president
Ezra Klein writes at WonkBlog that if Mitt Romney wins, it signals a complete change in Washington.

Jon Lovitz strongly regrets voting for Obama. Very strongly.
The actor seems to regret voting for President Obama, notes PJ Tatler.

Jan Brewer for VP?
Edward Morrissey at The Week thinks the Arizona governor's name will start coming up in conversation soon.

Newt Gingrich, welfare queen
Business Week's Joshua Green slams the former Speaker of the House for wasting taxpayer money.


Republican senators boycott hearing on Ariz. immigration law

Republicans boycotted a Democratic-led subcommittee hearing on Arizona’s controversial immigration bill, Jordy Yager reports for The Hill.

Hugh Hefner warns of GOP ‘war on sex’
In a rare "Playboy" editorial, Hugh Hefner weighed in on recent political debates, Alicia M. Cohn reports for The Hill.