The wildly overrated (and misunderstood) Veepstakes
Michael Crowley at Swampland destroys "three common assumptions about the veepstakes."

The horrible state of congressional websites
Joe Brockmeier takes issue with the sites maintained by members of Congress, at ReadWriteWeb.

Paul Ryan, the catfish-wrestling cult leader
Ross Kaminsky objects to a new article about Rep. Paul Ryan (R-Wis.) at the American Spectator.

The Bin Laden flap
Ed Kilgore at Political Animal thinks Mitt Romney might regret this debate.


First lady to speak at campaign fundraiser in Tucson as part of Western push

Arizona could be in play in this year's presidential election, reports Amanda Lee Myers for The Associated Press.

Obama says he hasn't spiked football to mark bin Laden death
President Obama denied "any excessive celebration" of the anniversary of the al Queda leader's death on Monday, Amie Parnes reports for The Hill.