The Ricks, Rockys, and Rudys: Stories from the 2012 trail
Rick Santorum's daughter Elizabeth answers "how on earth did you guys almost pull that off?" as a guest columnist for HotAir.

Michelle as polarizing as Barack
A new poll shows the first lady's favorability rankings are sharply divided by party affiliation, writes Paul Bedard at Washington Secrets.

Defending the 'Palin Pick'
"Sarah Palin is a tough act to follow," says her daughter Bristol, weighing into the Veepstakes on her blog.

Elizabeth Warren’s needless ‘Native American’ problem
Jonathan Capeheart faults the Massachusetts Senate candidate's campaign for a persistent negative story.


Obama makes surprise Afghan trip one year after bin Laden death

In an apparent victory lap the week of the anniversary of Osama bin Laden's death, President Obama made an unpublicized trip to Afghanistan, Amie Parnes reports for The Hill.

Ryan offers bill to end sequester in bid to stop automatic defense cuts
Rep. Paul Ryan (R-Wis.) introduced legislation to void the consequences of the deficit supercommittee's failure to broker a deal, Pete Kasperowicz reports for The Hill.