Huckabee for Veep?
Robert Costa adds to speculation that Mike Huckabee could be a sleeper candidate for Mitt Romney's running mate at National Review Online.

Good for Obama, bad for gay marriage
A Democracy in America blogger thinks President Obama's support for gay marriage will turn it into a more partisan issue.

Chris Smith: Administration silent on Chen's cause
Rep. Chris Smith (D-N.J.) criticized the administration for failing Chen Guangcheng, reports Josh Rogin for The Cable.

Gay for pay
The Washington Free Beacon concludes that President Obama decided to support same-sex marriage because many of his donors are gay.


Obama endorses gay marriage

Amie Parnes reports for The Hill on President Obama's public announcement of his support for same-sex marriage.

Romney avoids questions on Obama's gay-marriage stance
Mitt Romney did not want to weigh in on Wednesday, Justin Sink reports for The Hill.