Newsweek — you shouldn’t have!
Jennifer Rubin at Right Turn writes a hypothetical "thank you" note from Mitt Romney to Newsweek.

Romney campaign: Mitt destroying GST Steel was just like Obama saving the American auto industry
At The Daily Kos, Jed Lewison rounds up the latest presidential campaign attack.

Pentagon wants Web apps to stop piracy, for some reason
Spencer Ackerman commences the "face-palming" over the latest Navy news at Danger Room.

Behind the lower unemployment rates
Farai Chideya at The Root explores what the unemployment numbers mean for the African-American community, and others.


Obama seeks women and young voters with commencement address at Barnard
Amie Parnes reports on President Obama's strategic commencement speech at Barnard College Monday for The Hill.

Paul won't campaign in any more states
Rep. Ron Paul (R-Texas) will not compete in any more primaries during the Republican presidential race, Cameron Joseph reports for The Hill.