GOP shouldn’t waste time on Biden
Jonathan S. Tobin says it's "not likely" Vice President Biden will cost the president votes in November, at Commentary.

Mayor Cory Booker goes on awesome anti-drug-war rant on Twitter
Andrew Kirell writes at Mediaite that it is "nice to see a popular Democrat take a strong stance against the drug war."

Obama claims more time in ‘real world’ than Romney
Keith Koffler argues back at the president on White House Dossier.

Nancy Pelosi slammed by Washington Post over tax-cut proposal
Jennifer Bendery writes for Huffington Post that the Post's argument seems based on politics, not policy.


How Mitt's mom shaped him
Time magazine's June cover story is on Mitt Romney and his mother, Lenore.

Obama taps George Mason professor to head nuclear agency
President Obama nominated George Mason University Professor Allison Macfarlane to head the nuclear agency, Andrew Restuccia reports for The Hill.