Video: Fox’s “Four years of hope and change”
Ed Morrissey writes at HotAir that he doesn't disagree with the video but questions the messenger.

Barack Obama — friend of Jews, scholar of Judaism
William Kristol takes down President Obama's self-proclaimed knowledge of Judaism at The Weekly Standard's blog.

North Carolina legislators propose law to help Democrats get drunk at their convention
With Democrats headed to Charlotte in September, North Carolina wants to make sure liquor stores remain open on Labor Day, Hunter Walker writes at Politicker.

The too-public trial of John Edwards, private corruptor
Charles P. Pierce thinks the entertaining trial has been unnecessary at Esquire's Politics Blog.


Bain, Solyndra now center stage in Romney, Obama economic fight
Mitt Romney's record at Bain Capital and President Obama's on Solyndra have become the central issue in campaign, Ben Geman reports for The Hill.

Obama calls to congratulate Romney for securing nomination
The president personally called Mitt Romney to acknowledge that he locked down the GOP presidential nomination on Tuesday night, Jonathan Easley reports for The Hill.