The White House’s use of data on the gender wage gap
The numbers don't tell the whole story, Glenn Kessler writes at Fact Checker.

What Romney’s spokesman gets wrong about religion
The coverage of any candidate’s religious preference is “exotic” coverage by default, Scott Mackey writes at Hypervocal.

In the battleground states, it's already campaign season
The presidential campaigns are running 1,400 ads per day six months before the election, notes Mother Jones's Kevin Drum.

Why Wisconsin matters
Jay Cost at the Weekly Standard blog explains why the recall election taking place in Wisconsin matters.


Obama campaign makes last-minute appeal in Wisconsin
President Obama jumped into the Wisconsin recall race on the day of the vote, Cameron Joseph reports for The Hill.

Romney in Texas: 'This is Obama's economy, not George Bush's'
Mitt Romney pushed President Obama to take ownership of the economy, Justin Sink reports for The Hill.