What's next for labor?

Wonkbook's Ezra Klein takes a look at unions' continuing role in politics after a stinging defeat in the Wisconsin recall.

Obama's team of mascots
Vanity Fair's Todd Purdum says modern bureaucracies and a cadre of advisers makes a Linconesque Cabinet an impracticality, despite the president's suggestion he would gather a "team of rivals."

Troubling signs in the Romney transition team?
National Review's Michael Tanner says there are looming concerns for small-government conservatives in Romney's choice of advisers and staff.

Ray Bradbury, the Tea Party Icon
Slate's Jeremy Stahl finds a modern political message in the writings of the science fiction great, who passed away Wednesday at the age of 91.


Walker in line for speaking spot at the convention

Republican National Committee Chairman Reince Priebus described the Wisconsin governor, who staved off a recall Tuesday night, one of the party's "shining stars," The Hill's Josh Lederman reports.

Secret Service investigating Romney e-mail hack
The agency is looking into reports that a hacker sent Gawker information to access Romney's personal email account, The Hill's Jonathan Easley reports.