Can Romney spend Obama dry?
Jonathan Chait at New York Magazine says with his fundraising advantage, Mitt Romney can put President Obama on the defensive in states he shouldn’t have to defend.

President Obama still the favorite
Nate Silver at the FiveThirtyEight says the economy could change things, but for now, President Obama is the favorite.

Voters still don’t know Mitt Romney
Chris Good at The Note says Mitt Romney is still largely a blank slate to a portion of the electorate.

Dems jittery over Obama’s stumbling campaign
Eleanor Clift at the Daily Beast says President Obama better turn it around fast because his supporters are increasingly pessimistic.


Obama says allegations that leaks were politically motivated is ‘offensive’
Jonathan Easley and Jeremy Herb at The Hill report.

Obama slams Congress on jobs bill
Amie Parnes and Jonathan Easley at The Hill report on the president’s surprise press conference.