Getting suck(er)ed into Syria

The Daily Caller’s Matt Lewis argues the decision about what to do in Syria isn’t a simple one.
Obama and Romney battle in Ohio
Michael O’Brien with MSNBC’s First Read writes about Obama’s and Romney’s economy speeches in Ohio.
Why Obama is having trouble with his Bain-bashing message
Mother Jones’ Kevin Drum argues that while the president’s attack on Bain Capital is has been criticized, it might just resonate with voters.
John Edwards should go to jail for what he has done to America
John Stossel with Fox News says that while the Justice Department won’t retry John Edwards for breaking campaign laws, the politician still belongs in jail for his work as a trial lawyer.


Pelosi, Boehner see wealth drop

House Minority leader Nancy Pelosi and Speaker John Boehner both saw losses over the past year. Pelosi lost nearly a quarter of her wealth, while Boehner's wealth dropped about 14 percent, The Hill's Kevin Bogardus reports.

Democrats denounce ‘blatant abuse of power’ in Holder contempt vote
House Democrats criticized Rep. Darrell Issa Thursday for pursuing a contempt vote against Attorney General Eric Holder, The Hill's Jordy Yager reports.